Digital Signer (D-Sign)

Hassle free digital signing of certificates

As per CBDT Circular, TDS Certificates Form 16 & 16A can be now signed digitally.

PDF Signer
  • Go green Go paperless.
  • Save paper cost, printing cost & dispatch cost.
  • User-friendly, reliable & legally compliant.
  • Insert digital signature in the PDF Form 16, Form 16A and other PDF documents.
  • Option - Merging of PDF files

    To merge form 16 Part A from Traces & Form 16 Part B from other s/w or Sensys Easy Pay / Web Pay or Easy TDS into a single PDF
  • Option- email

    • To send signed forms on email provided you are using our Easy pay s/w or Easy pay web. A text file is generated when Sensys Dsign is connected to the respective s/w
    • Configure signature placement in PDF Form 16 files, Form 16A or any other document as per requirement.
    • Easily Sign using USB token signature.
    • Original PDF files are not modified. New file is created after signing.
    • Password Protected Signed PDF files can be generated.
    • Preview & Verify signed PDF files in Adobe PDF Reader.
    • PDF files can be emailed directly.
    • Signature can be placed anywhere on the PDF document based on the Word Text Search Criteria.
    • Dual Signature can be place on single PDF document.

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